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The Virtualise system provides a general purpose virtual memory system for RiscPC & A7000 dynamic areas. It is composed of two parts: A module which actually provides the virtual memory, and a front-end which provides an easy to use interface to most of the features.

What is virtual memory ?
Normally, you are limited by the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) in your computer. Virtual memory allows programs to use hard disc space to supplement the memory available. Virtualise allows the use of up to 256Mb per application. The cost of that much RAM would be prohibitive, whereas Virtualise costs a mere £24.95

A Virtualise screenshot
How does it work ?
Virtualise works with most applications which use dynamic areas on the Risc Pc. We provide a front end so you can choose which applications you want to use virtual memory, and control its use. It isn’t necessary for an application to be specially written to take advantage of Virtualise. Of course an application that is written to specifically make use of Virtualise will have performance and interface gains.

What does it work with?
We are compiling a list of Virtualise compatible software. Click *HERE* for the latest list. Naturally, our own graphics software for the Risc Pc supports Virtualise.

The main features are:

  •     Simple to use WIMP front-end application to control virtual memory.
  •     The memory usage can be controlled using the bar in the Task Manager.
  •     Any number of virtual dynamic areas can be created and managed.
  •     Can create virtual dynamic areas larger than the amount of physical memory.
  •     Any dynamic area can be converted to/from virtual memory at any time.
  •     Supports draggable virtual dynamic areas and those with handlers.
  •     Intercepts OS SWIs to minimize changes required to existing applications.
  •     Supports memory accesses from USR26 and SVC26 modes.
  •     Pages may be locked to allow access from interrupt routines.
  •     Parameters for file operations are automatically locked and unlocked.
  •     File accesses transparently split to allow operations larger than memory.
  •     Handles all processor instructions, including coprocessor data transfer.
  •     Does not affect other programs that use processor hardware vectors.
  •     Global page allocation policy across all virtual dynamic areas.
  •     Choice of page replacement policies: NFU with ageing, FIFO or random.
  •     Whole WIMP tasks can be suspended and swapped to disc.
  •     Versions 1.10 onwards are StrongArm compatible.
  •     Option to purge the swap file directory upon loading
  •     No need to load the front end as module holds configuration

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