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Serenade is a desktop MIDI sequencer for the entire range of Acorn RISC OS machines. A great deal of effort has gone into creating a user interface that gives access to the power of Serenade without making it complex to use. No knowledge of musical notation is required – just connect a MIDI keyboard to your computer via a MIDI card and play. Serenade captures the music ready for editing.

A Serenade screen

  •     Multi tasking 16 track MIDI sequencer
  •     Intuitive interface
  •     Audition feature allows undo of most functions
  •     Guitar chord input
  •     Full editing facilities
  •     Accurate keyboard capture
  •     Automatic quantization
  •     Real time parameters including Transpose, Quantize etc
  •     Transfer scores to Rhapsody via Standard MIDI files
  •     Accepts Standard MIDI files
  •     Editable instrument names are used to select instruments
  •     Real Time MIDI Events enabling real time mixing, panning, etc
  •     Event list editing
  •     Track locking to prevent accidental erasure
  •     MIDI input and output filters allow selective recording of MIDI data
  •     Remote control triggering via MIDI keyboard
  •     Sync to external source of MIDI Time Clock
  •     Auto start and sync with Rhythm-Bed

Serenade excels. It is powerful, overflowing with functions and represents a leap forward in interfaces.

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