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Rhythm-Bed is a program which allows you to create percussion tracks for controlling drum machines directly, for export to sequencers, such as Serenade or for use with your computer’s own internal voices.

Percussion tracks are built up using a simple yet powerful grid-editing technique. Rhythm-Bed is primarily a MIDI package for use as a drum machine but it can also access up to eight separate internal voices. RhythmBed is also ideal for primary schools as it allows children to quickly experiment with creating percussion tracks.

A RhythmBed screen shot

  •     MIDI compatible with a range of keyboards and drum machines supported
  •     Can use computer’s own Internal sounds
  •     Very easy to use grid based entry method
  •     Data can be saved as MIDI file for export to packages such as Rhapsody and Serenade
  •     Sequencing facility so you can build up a long rhythm from short patterns
  •     Full editing facilities (cut/copy/insert/add etc etc)

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