Rhapsody 4

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Rhapsody 4 is the latest of the Rhapsody series of music notation applications for playing, recording and printing music. Music can be input manually by dragging notes onto staves or with the addition of a MIDI card and MIDI keyboard you can play a tune and Rhapsody will capture it and place the notes on the staves automatically.

A Rhapsody screen

Just take a look at the features:

  •     Guitar chords
  •     Quick edit panel
  •     Wide range of symbols including, rehearsal letters, da capo, tremolo, grace notes, spread chords etc
  •     Hairpins and phrasing
  •     Outline font used for all display and printing
  •     Different note styles – cue parts, percussion etc
  •     Automatic bar checking
  •     Different individual stave sizes and types
  •     Sophisticated transcribe options
  •     Formatting of selected staves
  •     Save pages as Draw files
  •     Can load and save Midi files (type 0 or 1)
  •     Supports bank change messsages
  •     You can insert Midi commands in the score
  •     Requires 4Mb and preferable at least ARM 3

Since Rhapsody 4 uses Fonts and Draw object to display and print, you no longer need to buy the ScoreDraw application which used to be necessary with earlier versions of Rhapsody, if you wanted high quality output or Draw file export.

The Midi facilities are more sophisticated than the earlier versions. You are no longer limited to 128 Midi voices and you can add controller or other Midi information anywhere in the score.

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