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Free Internet Connection

Well almost. We have managed to secure a limited supply of internal modems for Acorn RiscPC computers. These fit in the normal podule slot in the backplane. They are a V.34 modem and take a couple of minutes to fit. You then connect the modem to your telephone socket using the supplied cable – we even give you a phone doubler so that you can plug the modem and a phone into the same socket.

All hardware & software supplied

This unique package comes ready with all the software you require for browsing the World Wide Web, sending and receiving email and accessing Newsgroups. A Newsgroup is a messaging area that deals with one subject area and is populated by like minded people who offer help and advice or ask questions of you – it’s a self help group. There are areas for Acorn applications, hardware, miscellaneous etc set up ready for you to download.

For those who wish to know, you get: WebsterXL, the RComp browser that is under active development and this includes updates via email direct to your computer – so make sure that you register (The new Oregano browser is available as an option). You also get Socketeer (the dialler), Popstar (Mail transport), NewsHound (News transport), NewsBase (News Manager), Messenger (Email & News Client), SysLog (Logging application). All sounds complicated doesn’t it. Don’t worry, we have done all the worrying for you – as usual. The only thing you need is a CDROM drive to read the CD supplied – we can supply a drive if required; see our CDROM page for details.

We have written an installer, using WimpBasic 2 of course, to take care of loading everything to the correct place on your hard drive so you never even have to see all of these applications. Once installed you just run our own front end program that takes care of loading all of the required applications.

What about setting it up & registering

This is the area most fraught with problems and which takes the most time and causes most problems, but… we will do it all for you. Just give us a ring, we will take your order details and run through the registration for you. You just provide your details. In a couple of minutes you will have your internet account set up ready to go. Your log on details are printed on a sheet of paper and passed to the despatch department. You install the modem, run our front end, enter the details off the sheet as requested and away you go – it couldn’t be any simpler. It should all take no longer than 30 minutes to fit the modem and get on line.

Is it really free ?

All that you pay is the telephone call charges. Freeserve use an 0845 number, which is charged by BT at local call rates. If you don’t use BT, please check with your phone company how they charge 0845 numbers. If you limit your web browsing to weekends and you add the Freeserve number to your BT Friends & Family list then it will cost less than 1p ex VAT per minute – 60p for a full hour ! Email and News can be collected each night when off peak charges apply. Depending on how much mail you receive and how many newsgroups you subscribe to, you may find you rarely need to spend more that the BT minimum call charge of 4.2p ex VAT.

You can also buy a Surftime package from BT which gives you a 100% discount on off peak calls to Freeserve (i.e. free, BT prefers to call it 100% discount rather than free calls). Freeserve are also offering a similar package for peak time users too. See Freeserve’s page for details.

The Freeserve service is a full internet service just like Demon etc. You can even create your own web personal web site and tell the world about your hobbies or anything else. The uses are endless. Freeserve make their money by getting a cut of the telephone call charges. This is an offer you cannot afford to miss. We have chosen the setup that we have because we know it works well, and it’s what we use. Most of the applications are public domain, except for WebsterXL and Oregano, but we have obtained permission from the authors as a matter of courtesy. Although the applications are PD, I’m sure the authors would not complain if you were to send them some token of your appreciation. Note: PD does not mean poor quality, we just think these are the best. WebsterXL is actively supported and developed by RComp who provide technical support.

would all be delivered to your machine. Newsbase can filter these into individual mailboxes.

Will the internal modem work with the PC card?

No. The internal modem is for use by Risc OS software only. You can’t access it from Windows or DOS.

What if I want a 56K modem?

We have thought of that. The package is also available with an external 56K modem.

What about ISDN?

We’ve thought of that too. We can supply a package including an ISDN terminal adaptor. Please contact us for further details.

What if I already have a modem?

Needless to say, we’ve though of that. We can set up the account and provide the CD for those who already have a modem.

Web pages

Once you have an internet account, you will be able to create a website for yourself. If you are not sure how to do this, or you would rather someone set up a site for you, why not get it touch with us and we can create a site for you? Whether you want a site which looks similar to this one, or something completely different, we will be able to either advise you how to set up your site, or set one up for you. You would need to supply the basic material – text, logos etc, and let us do the rest.

How much this will cost will depend on how large the site is and how many pages there are. For a simple personal home page we hope to be able quote a very reasonable price. A larger site, for a small company or club page, will cost more but still will be at a competitive rate.

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