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Illusionist is a powerful 3-dimensional graphics package that enables you to create any object, of any colour and texture, illuminate it with coloured lights or spot lights, and render it in any 256 colour screen mode. A special colour mixing algorithm enables Illusionist to display an ‘infinite’ number of colours, giving the impression of very expensive graphics hardware! The result is stunning quality graphics on your own Archimedes. It’s even better when used with the Serial Port’s Graphics Enhancer card.

You can map any full screen sprites onto any object in a scene – you can even wrap it around a sphere. The objects can then be given a texture or surface varying from matt to metallic.

A Van Gogh image
This is a replica of a Van Gogh image created with Illusionist. The whole of Van Gogh’s bedroom was recreated in Illusionist allowing you to view the room from any angle – even those never painted by the artist

An Illusionist image
An Escher inspired image created with Illusionist

Features include:

Compatible with all RISC OS machines 1Mb and over
Powerful 3D editor
Materials editor
Picture and environment mapping
Anti aliasing and best fit algorithms
Saving in Compressed or Clear formats
Compressed screens compatible with Render Bender 2 and Titler

Illusionist is NOT a current product and is restricted to 256 colour modes
It does work (and fast too) on a RiscPC
The price has been substantially reduced to reflect its age

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