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Fervour is a fast action platform game from Clares. Be warned – it’s addictive !

The year is 2100 and you, professor Skitz-Patrick, are returning from a mission in search of a planet suitable for human habitation. Earth is being destroyed by ecological disasters brought on by the human race. On returning to Earth you are unable to make radio contact with anyone. All radio frequencies are jammed with the following message which repeats every minute, “Take shelter immediately, leave pets behind as they use valuable oxygen, and close your radioactive shelter …”

Your mission is to recover oxygen from the planet Fervour and to do this you build a droid to help you. However, control is quite difficult and many dangers lay in your path.

A Fervour screen shot

Fervour is supplied with 100 inbuilt levels but we also supply you with a multi tasking level editor so that you can create your own levels to tax your friends and because you can password protect each level you are in control.

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